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Paul has looked after my pensions for the last 4 years and I have been extremely impressed by his thoroughness in handling a quite complex portfolio of small policies, to the point where everything is now organised and producing returns above my expectations.

He even tracked down a substantial sum of money which I had lost sight of and what I am most happy about is his pro-activity in recommending new products when appropriate.

I am more than happy to recommend him to any future client.

Mr D Cleethorpes

Leading up to retirement I was being inundated with information from my possible pension providers, none of which made great sense to me.

After a recommendation from a colleague, I contacted Paul to see if he could advise on the best way to take my pensions. He explained everything (to my wife and I) in clear and understandable language and I was confident not only did we receive the best rates in the market and more than we had been previously quoted, but made the best decisions we could. All was made easier by the fact that Paul assisted in all the paperwork to be completed.

You only get one chance to take your pensions, so we are pleased we consulted Paul Horton Financial Solutions at this time in our lives.

Mr P Waltham

We have found the advice given to us by Paul Horton Financial Solutions to be invaluable in helping us meet our financial objectives.

Paul’s advice is balanced and risks are comprehensively assessed and explained in terms we understand.

We are encouraged to participate in our financial planning and regularly meet to review progress.

Without doubt, the relationship we have with Paul Horton has been the major factor in helping us to live (in retirement) to the standard we hoped for.

We feel our investments are in safe hands and that our portfolio is actively managed.

We particularly appreciate the personal service that Paul provides - he’s easy to contact and available at short notice.

Mr H Lincolnshire

The bottom line is trust.  With Paul Horton we feel that our investments are safe and in good hands.  We are not experts in financial markets and we feel we need help in judging which investment portfolios adequately reflect our risk requirements.  Paul helps us to understand complex financial issues by speaking to us clearly and in layman’s terms.  We feel we can pick up the phone anytime and know that we’ll receive a personal service from someone who knows us and our financial situation.  After many years with Paul Horton Financial Services, we see that our investments grow in the good times and are sensibly protected through the bad.

At first, paying someone to look after our investments didn’t seem sensible, but now we believe it’s the best decision we ever made.  In the long-term, our investments have consistently performed better than we could have achieved.

Client Lincolnshire